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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  September 1, 2009 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute five children are injured and one of them critically after a chain reaction crash in temple hills. good afternoon, i am alison starling. let's get to the developments with brad bell. what can you tell us? >> it all started when a girl was crossing this road around -- crossing the road here. that is where she was hit by a
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vehicle. another pedestrian was also hit after two cars collided. the second pedestrian is also a student at the local high school. the second student is in pretty good condition and is not suffering from life-threatening injuries. the petite freshman was crossing this road as she does every morning. she was just 15 feet from joining a large group of her classmates at the bus stop when it happened right in front of her friends. >> i was shocked. >> we did not realize the car was there. the car came out of nowhere. >> she flew in the air and landed on the sidewalk. i ran over to her and she was shaking. >> nobody saw the car coming. there was no squealing of tires
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until after the girl had been hit and the vehicle plowed into a mini van occupied by a mother and three small children. when the dust settled the students realize another pedestrian was hit. in all, seven people were transported to hospitals and all but a girl were suffering from minor injuries. >> it was right in front of the rest of us. she was walking towards us to get to the other side. >> they had to see her. she was already crossing the street. she was ght there. >> police say it is too early to know why this happened this morning, but one problem is apparent. there is no crosswalk. the students have to get from that side of the road over to this bus stop, but there is no crosswalk, so the kids can i get across the road. police say they will be making that a part of their
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investigation to determine if something needs to change. a 14-year-old girl is in critical condition this afternoon because she was struck trying to get to her bus stop. thank you for the latest out there. also in montgomeryun co,ty ,olice are hoping a clue ll lead them to the driver hat struck two spring, sending them to the hospital with critical injuries. police have the grill of the toyota that drag this woman and another one about 100 feet right down capitol view avenue. they were in the crosswalk. for the second time, a georgetown university student wakes up to find a strange man in herroom. roabc 7 newsas har lneedo pce li hit the dean of students to discuss t t his anding's assault ytack s on 33rd s
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t.pamela brown has more from a campus on edge. >> students have the back-to- school jitters but not just because classes start tomorrow, but because another female student has been the target of an assault. >> unbelievabl that it happened here on the campus where people are supposed to be open-minded and supposed to come here to learn. >> demand at 4:00 a.m. this morning entered an apartment through an unlocked window. -- a man entered an apartment this morning. the man then got in bed with a female and touched her inappropriately. when she woke up the suspect fled. police are investigating whether there is a connection between the latest incident and one that happened off campus two days ago. in that case, and man broke into an off-campus apartment and laid down next to a female on the couch.
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this woman says the recent events are similar to what happened to her friend last year. >> i guess she saw her and he laid on her but she screamed. >> students say the assaults are a wake-up call. while many say they are safe, they could be more vigilant. >> it is easy to get a false sense of security on campus because inside the front gates you feel like everyone is a georgetown student. nothing bad could possibly happen. >> that was pamela brown reporting. a new strain of the swine flu could spell disaster this fall. tim kaine says it will be the top topic when he sits down with his counterparts from maryland and the district for a summit on homeland security this afternoon, but he already announced the commonwealth's
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strategy. we have the details from alexandria. >> at this elementary school they are ahead of most schools, a head because there cannot find -- their calendar meant classes started weeks ago. they have put fears of the swine flu aside for now. >> we are not concerned about it as a family because we wash our hands and other things like that. >> when and if it does arrive -- >> it is like the common flu. >> tim kaine visited the school and met with his health officials to discuss their plans for dealing with it. the governor says the plan is to make sure anyone who wants a vaccine gets one when they become a available in late october. there are no plans to close schools unless the numbers are overwhelming. to prevent that from happening,
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that is exactly it, they plan to push prevention. >> wash your hands, cover your mouth if you cough, and if you are sick, please stay home. >> the worst case scenario is 120 million americans could get sick this fall. as many as 90,000 americans could die, more than twice the deaths of a normal flu season. >> it is a possible scenario we need to be ready for. >> you can bet there will be a lot of hand washing at schools all over the region since the virus has proved unusual. the fatalities appear more likely to occur among children and young adults. sesame street is doing its part with a new campaign to help kids like the flow by fighting off germs. >> the first thing you have to do -- help kids fight the flu by
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fighting off germs. >> avoid touching your eyes and mouth. and when you have to sneeze or cough, do it into your arm. >> sneeze into your arm with elmo. >> great job. >> the kids love elmo. it is back to class or a catholic school students today. several celebrations are planned in prince george's and montgomery --. it is backr m many catholics do this. when elementa sischl oo hg in ga a frthherndenkirt nhe tree st 3artsud1 en in each their three kirtlaer c.engaesss prineseorge 'tys coun' will decide by friday whetrco reach the ideal rao of 23 students per teacher. at the high schools, all students now have their correct schedule. a computer eclipsed affected
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8000 teenagers ad now the counselor at -- the county will offer extended clinics from september 12 through october 3. after a brisk start outside things are warming up. another beautiful day. brian is here with more on the mild streak. it is also the first day of september. >> it is pretty cold outside. temperatures are in the 40's, although some may have felt it is on the chilly i wt it will we're kee th a eropics. th tropics. 69 right now at the congressional camera. you can see a few clouds try to develop, but otherwise it is blue skies in the upper 60's. gorgeous afternoon and the average time is about eight degrees below average. you might need an extra blanket for tonight. we will see you in a few minutes.
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it is a big issue with two des that each say they stand for marriage. it is the definition of marriage that is up for debate and the reason for a rally today. courtney robinson has more on the push for a voter initiative. >> defining marriage between a man and woman is the only valid way to recognize marriage in the district. that is how the initiative rates. >> this is about reaffirming marriage and the institution of marriage. we are not against anything but we are for marriage. we believe if people have their say will agree that marriage should be preserved. >> led by the bishop and the stand for marriage coalition, opponents took that before the board. they want to let voters decide and say most residents don't support same-sex unions like that of this couple. because of their vote, their
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marriage is now recognized in the district, they say it was one win in the battle for marriage in quality. >> is important for us as residents. -- it is important for us. >> critics are concerned same- sex unions could soon be allies. opponents requested the board of election -- same-sex unions could be legalized. thboard will have to consider a similar request. the initiative is defining marriage. residents are split on this issue but tell us if given an option, they will. >> whatever my vote is, it is private, but i would want to -- i would want people to have an opportunity to vote. >> i would like to be able to vote on whether or not we have gay marriage in the district. >> advocates of same-sex unions say they are confident the board
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of elections will uphold their previous ruling and not put this initiative before voters. ,nias ofgh mniidt thisni mor cocay les n getared y legall in vermont. gavermont jois four other states where mesex rriage is legal. maine is also considering it. still to come, we will head to the front lines in california where a wildfire is moving so fast that residents are on the run with only the clothes on their back. nearly eight years now after 9/11, there will finally be a memorial to the people that fought back. here at home we are in for another gorgeous day. ay.
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with just two months to go, the race for richmond is heating up. bob mcdonnell wants to focus on his education plan and he is asked a lot of questions about 86 he wrote back in 1989. -- a lot of questions about a thesis he wrote. he changed his mind about a theory that same-sex couples can be discriminated against and feminism i detrimental to the family. >> i support when in the workplace and the military. for my opponent to suggest otherwise is insulting to me. >> that is degrading. in this day and age when we finally thought we have broken through. >> it is a ways to backtrack and say you don't know what you
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said. >> while the democratic candidate wants him to clarify, his other political positions have changed as well. plans are set for the flight 93 memorial in pennsylvania. the government has reached a deal with eight landowners to build a memorial at the sight of that crash. the government will pay $9.5 million to acquire the land. construction is expected to begin in november. 53 homes in southern california have gone up in smoke. 12,000 more are at risk from a wildfire that is growing. it could be another two weeks before a is contained. we have the latest from the fire line. -- two weeks before it is contained. >> california is under attack. wildfires have burned 120,000 acres, is advancing so fast that residents have been forced to leave their homes.
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>> it is really scary. i would not wish this on anybody. >> the flames hit this one community, but some neighbors were determined to take a stand. >> i will pretty much run until it is really bad. i will just take off. >> this man is corvette was already covered with ash. he decided waiting it out was not worth it. >> i don't know which way the winds will go. it could go anyway. >> but these fires are being set by firefighters trying to contain the advancing flames. >> at first it was scary but now i realize it is controled. >> the stakes could not be higher, at two firefighters have died and the fires are barely 5% contained. >> because of the nature, it burned into the wilderness and
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is backing into communities. >> -- it is backing into communities. >> in 20 minutes these flames had advanced halfway down the mountain. residents having to use their masks just to breed here. -- just to breathe. he would put that face mask in between live shots because he said it was terrible. >> it is like snow but not very pretty and hard to brief. >> around here is really nice. -- and hard to breathe. >> the afternoon is so comfortable because there is no humidity. the question is how long can last? we are watching the tropicsnd this situation spendingndn i the he ofsoutt as puertot rico.
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right things are not developing too much. we will check it out because it is getting a little bit of t' at thekeat the weatherbug neork. we will show you this beautiful shot from early this morning. a gorgeous-looking da ew c clouds outhert tbu just sk s aiendue skies and ht 72 in the spring hill -- 72 in thgf over to the map we m we '0' t 6s he ey ll va tey ly m torhe rt m the orning. this pocket of cool air, you can say it was a chilly morning.
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there was a front down to the south east and that is where the clouds and showers are, but through the later part of the wheat we will bring back some more clouds -- through the later part of the week we will bring back some more clouds. there is a sharp line between clouds in the clear skies overhead. there will be a nice trend for the next couple of days. the high pressure is great, but at night these guys will clear and we have light wind twel we call this radiation: and we get pretty cool at night. made 70's for this afternoon and upper 50's downtown. m id -- mid 70's for this afternoon. maybe a shower on the weekend and this long holiday weekend will be partly sunny and in the low 80's.
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a falls church woman has died of her injuries after a stabbing. police are charging jose arguetain the death. he is also charged with malicious wounding for the attack last monday on maria del carmen mejia and atwo-year old girl. a man is dead and three otherst ur hteafain shootteg hon happened near hamilton street last night. the victims were in the backyard when someone fired several shots. michael harris died on the scene and others were taken to the
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hospital, and they are expected to recover. in tennessee, a 15-furled boy and his mother are looking for help with a rare medical condition. -- a 15-year-old boy and his mother. >> i felt my eyes water. >> he cries blood. this can be a daily occurrence and his mother has takenne mhi o count as specialists and no one seems to know what is going on. >> more than anything i just truly want somebody to say i have seen this, i can help this family. i just please want somebody to help my baby. >> one ophthalmologist suspects it could be a diseasehich means bloody tears. one i n in a milling n ndioit which the tissues around the i could cause bleeding. -- a one in a million condition.
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a is nice and refreshening out there. >> it is great to give your air- conditioning a break, but is definitely cold out there. 76 is the afternoon high. 50's overnight with some 40's in the suburbs. towards the end of the week there will be a few clouds but nothing too extreme.
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